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When you consult our website, information relating to the navigation of your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) on our sites may be recorded in "cookie" files installed on your terminal, under reserves the choices that you would have expressed concerning cookies and that you can modify at any time.

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a text file saved, subject to your choice, in a dedicated space on your computer's hard drive, when you consult an online service using your internet browser. It allows its issuer to identify the terminal in which it is registered, during the period of validity or registration of the cookie.

What are the cookies issued on our site for?

Only the issuer of a cookie may read or modify the information contained therein.

The cookies used on our site make it possible to identify the services, sections and pages that the user has visited, and more generally their browsing behavior. This information is useful for better personalizing the services, content, promotional offers and banners that appear on our site and to facilitate your navigation on our site.

Cookies are also necessary for the proper functioning of certain services or to measure their audience.

Cookies may be included in the advertising spaces on our site.

The cookies we issue are used for the purposes described below, subject to your choices which result from the settings of your browser used during your visit and whose settings you can change at any time.

Internal cookies:

  • User authentication: To access your personal space with the information entered during a previous connection.
  • Session and personalization cookies: They allow users to be recognized on our website so that all the changes they make on a page are kept in memory from one page to another (for example: language used, resolution display, operating system, security settings)
  • Baskets previously filled are stored by cookies.
  • Statistics and audience measurement: Anonymous data collected via Google Analytics and used to measure traffic to our site and optimize it.

Most of these functional internal cookies expire at the end of your visit to our site. Others have a longer lifespan, but this never exceeds 13 months, in accordance with the regulations in force.

Third-party cookies:

  • Cookies from third-party applications integrated into the site (for example: Facebook / Twitter / Google + share button). The social network providing such an application button is likely to identify you with this button, even if you did not use this button during your consultation of our site / application. This type of button can allow the social network concerned to follow your navigation on our site, only because your account with the social network concerned was activated on your terminal (open session) during your navigation on our site.

You have the option of accepting or refusing the use of cookies

On the occasion of your first visit to , a banner informs you of the use of cookies and offers you direct access to this explanation page. If you confirm your acceptance of cookies, by closing the banner or if you browse the site, your consent is considered to be collected. The cookie acceptance request banner will no longer appear on your screen.

You can however choose at any time to delete or deactivate all or part of these cookies, and this in your browser.

Your choices via your browser

Each browser offers a configuration solution for:

  • tell you about the cookies that are stored on your computer
  • allow you to accept or refuse them, case by case or systematically

The configuration of each browser is different. We invite you to refer to the help menu of your browser to configure it according to your wishes.

The agreement on cookies

The recording of a cookie in a terminal is essentially subject to the settings by the user of his navigation software.

If you have accepted the recording of cookies via your browser, these are integrated into the pages and content that you have consulted and may be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on your terminal. They can only be read by their issuer.

Rejection of cookies

There are different options for refusing cookies, which may affect the operation of the service you request on our site.

How to exercise your choices, depending on the browser you use?

For the management of cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will indicate the corresponding operating mode:

How to manage and / or delete cookies depending on the browser you use?

You can at any time consult the cookie management mode operated by your browser, and delete the cookies stored on it. In the latter case, the choice of cookies to destroy must be made one by one. In order to facilitate your search, you will find below direct access links for each of the main browsers used:

This configuration differs on your mobile terminal or tablet:

Do not track

Finally, you can configure the browser on your terminal so that it sends a code indicating to websites that you do not want to be followed. This option is commonly called "Do Not Track" and accessible on the following pages for the following main browsers:

However, we draw your attention to the fact that this choice does not guarantee that it will always be followed up by independent third-party companies. This option does not therefore represent, in itself, a solution to oppose all cookies.

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