Making the carded wool hive

Follow the guide to make your pretty hive ...

Place the hive cookie cutter on the 20 x 13 cm felting foam.

Fill the cookie cutter with O wonderful cookie color. 

Felt the carded wool using felting needles N ° 40 mounted on a felting handle for 4 needles.

Felt the entire surface, emphasizing the edges. Do not stake too deep into the foam.

Remove the cookie cutter.

Return your creation to reposition the cookie cutter.

Repeat felting on the second side ...

... so as to obtain a uniform surface.

Begin tracing the hive designs using the felting needle N ° 38, guiding you with the "notches" of the cookie cutter

This operation is delicate, take care to trace regularly

Remove the cookie cutter to work in more detail.

Take the hive in hand and stake the outlines, insisting on the start of the lines.

The first side is finished

Turn the hive over and start over on the other side.

And here's the result !

To make your little bee you need:

Felting tools:

You can also buy the complete felting tool kit  on the store 

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