Fabric Flowers - Veriteco - Mariko Yamashiro

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Reference: Livre Fleurs en tissu


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Delicacy and poetry emanate from these fabric flowers, which will bring a touch of refinement to any interior or to beauty accessories. Throughout the pages of Fabric Flowers , you will discover some twenty models to make without difficulty thanks to the detailed explanations, the step by step photos and the real-size templates provided.


The author breaks down each element of the flowers just before they wither, she observes them and she then makes the templates for her creations. This serves as the basis of inspiration to create his fabric flowers, even if many of them are the fruit of his imagination.

Not only will these flowers adorn your interiors but also they will be pinned to all your accessories: necklaces, earrings, hair elastics and brooches.

  • Cosmos
  • Aster and St. John's Wort
  • Narcissus
  • Lilac and baby's breath
  • Freesia
  • Hydrangea…

Presented as in an encyclopedia, the 20 fabric flowers will allow you, along with photos of the creations, to discover all their characteristics and their languages.

You will see that fabric scraps kept for a long time in your drawers will then give birth to pretty flowers.


The techniques presented in this book are essential for obtaining flowers that are larger than life. A few kitchen utensils such as a saucepan and a houndstooth will suffice to dye the fabrics. All the stages of dyeing are revealed to you here.

  • preparation,
  • color extraction (onion peels, hibiscus, soluble coffee, black beans, etc.),
  • dye baths,
  • etching and application,
  • washing,
  • drying.

From 6 different dyes it is possible to create a huge color palette. The author's favorite shades are those of the end of flowering, going towards slightly faded colors. These tender nuances give an old-fashioned delicacy to the works.

For each model are indicated the necessary supplies and dye baths as well as the templates and the stages of realization.

TECHNIQUES Creative leisure activities
AUTHOR / CREATOR Mariko Yamashiro
EAN CODE 9782756532936
FORMAT 21 x 26 cm
NUMBER OF PAGES Book 80 pages
PUBLICATION April 20, 2019