Carded wool

Carded wool is a natural material: sheep's wool. After mowing, the material is simply freed of impurities, washed, combed and tinted. This pretty material is worked by staking with felting needles or carding needles, which are provided with small harpoons. There are several sizes of felting needle: Large, medium, fine, extra-fine and ultra-fine, which you use according to the creation or finishing steps. Each time the needle comes into contact with the material, the small harpoons entangle its fibers between them. As the picketing progresses, the wool becomes more dense. You can give it the shape you want and mix the colors. Ô Merveille high quality carded wool is very soft and its colors are beautiful and intense. This gives your creations a velvety finish and very pleasant to the touch.

Ô Merveille carded wool and Ô Merveille kits meet OekoTex standards

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